Our Philosophy

Curcama Switzerland

We are a small organic manufactory in the heart of Vienna that works exclusively with 100% natural organic food . Our ingredients are all fresh and processed by hand. We stand for sustainability and conscious enjoyment , for togetherness and community. Our products are prepared in the nutritional cycle based on the idea of ​​the FIVE ELEMENTS KITCHEN .

Preparation according to the 5 elements kitchen

Diet according to the Five Elements is the transfer of parts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the diet common in western countries. It is based on the teaching of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Our interpretation of the food circle

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with Western nutritional knowledge. Our idea is to let nutrition be our medicine. The basis of nutritional science, as in TCM, is the concept of Yin & Yang. If there is a harmonious balance of these energies in the body, the person is healthy. Diet serves to promote and maintain this harmony.