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Curcama Schweiz

ORGANIC Curcama Curry Paste 170g

ORGANIC Curcama Curry Paste 170g

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Organic Curcama Curry Paste - Five Elements Spice Blend

Inspired by Indian culture, we have also brought our very own interpretation of curry paste into the world. Many Indian families have their very own recipe and it is passed on from generation to generation.

Since you sometimes have to start with a "tradition", our very own Five Elements Curcama Curry Paste has now been created and is ready to be passed on to the next generation : ) )


Take a teaspoon of Organic Curcama Curry Paste per serving and pour it over the vegetables of your choice.

As with this Curcama product, less is more.

Possible course of action:

eg fry vegetables, deglaze with wine or curcama vinegar, then add some coconut milk and stir in a good teaspoon of curcama paste.

Add a side dish such as rice or quinoa or golden millet and you have a wonderful, tasty and nutritious meal.


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