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Curcama Schweiz

ORGANIC Curcama Vinegar 500ml

ORGANIC Curcama Vinegar 500ml

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Five - Elements - Turmeric - Ginger - Organic - Vinegar

The Five Elements Turmeric Ginger Apple Cider Vinegar lets your palate experience a whole new taste experience.

Matured for 12 weeks in the heart of Vienna.

The beneficial drink can support your body in many different ways.
Apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest traditional natural remedies. The first records date back to 5000 BC. back
For effects please refer to your source of trust or consult your TCM or TEM doctor.

After morning body activation on an empty stomach:

Allow 200ml of boiled water to cool to room temperature.
Begin physical activation in time.

2cl Organic Curcama Vinegar

1 teaspoon organic curcama bee
(Organic blossom honey mixed with the organic curcama base mixture.)

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